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Sample Email – We Are Here To Help

Subject: We’re Here To Help

Hello {Insert Visitor Name},

If there is anything you have questions about or need to contact us at {Insert Church Name} please do so at anytime.

You can stop by our offices:

Our office hours are {Times and Days}.

You can email us:

Our emails are {Insert Pastor’s Name & Email}, {Insert Associate Pastor’s Name & Email}, {Insert Youth Pastor’s Name & Email}, {Insert Children Pastor’s Staff Name & Email} etc…

You can call us:
Our phone number is {Insert Phone Number and List Each Name and Extension Number}.

You can text us:
{Insert Text Numbers}

You can write us a letter:

{Insert Mailing Address}

If you ever have an Emergency you can call this number which is open and on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year:
{Insert emergency number}

It’s a great honor to serve and minister to you and your families needs. God Bless You from all of us here at {Insert Church Name}

Serving You,
{Insert Senior Pastor’s Signature}