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Letter – Thank You For Visiting

Subject: Thank You For Visiting Yesterday!

Hello {Insert Visitor Name},

Thank you for attending service yesterday morning. My name is {Insert Pastor’s Name}, Lead Pastor of {Insert Church}. My spouse {Insert Spouse Name} and the Staff of {In- sert Church} appreciate your attendance. If you were just visiting and already attend a local church, I want to say thank you for visiting and we trust you enjoyed the service. If you currently do not belong to any local church and are looking for a church to call home here are some things about us.

{Insert Church} has been serving the {Insert City} area for {Insert Number} years. Our mission is to {Insert Mission Statement}. We are accomplishing this through various min- istries targeting the various groups located here in {Insert City}. We have something for everyone. We have a Wonderful Children’s Ministry called {Insert Name of Children’s Ministry} which reaches families with children who are infants through 5th grade. We have a Dynamic Youth Ministry called {Insert Name of Youth Ministry} which reaches families with children who are in 6th grade through 12th grade. We have an Inspiring Col- lege & Career Group called {Insert College & Career Group Name}, which reaches those who are 18 years old through 29 years old. We have a Men’s Ministry called {Insert Name of Men’s Ministry}. We have a Women’s Ministry called {Insert Name of Women’s Ministry}. We have our Family Centered Events, Fundraisers and Activities taking place every week.

These are just some areas we have available for you, your family and your friends. We are happy we were able to serve you. I personally invite you to come again to our next service on {Insert Service Time and Date} and on {{Insert Other Service Time and Date}.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions please feel free to contact me at {Insert Phone Number} or email me at {Insert Email Address}.

Thank you and God Bless you! Respectfully,
{Insert Senior Pastor’s Signature}
Visit us at