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How Many Visitors Come To Your Church Monthly?

Find out how many visitors attended your services this past month, even this past year. Then find out how many stayed.
 For example: If you have 100 people currently attending on average, with 8 first time visitors last month, this gives you approximately 96 first time visitors per year.

A 30% come back rate is 32 return visitors per year or 2-3 per month. These numbers could project a new member rate of about 50% of return visitors or 16. This translates into a 16% growth rate for your church! Not bad actually! 

What Methods Of Visitor Follow Do You Currently Use?

7 Ways To Follow-Up With Visitors

  • Visitor Welcome Packet?
  • After Church Reception?
  • Free Gift?
  • Personal Visit?
  • Phone Call?
  • Physical Welcome Letter?
  • Email Follow-Up?

Use E-courses To Build Credibility Over Time

People may not be impressed at the first glance. Sometimes, it takes a few E-mails for people to even rememebr you..

One of the ways you can build your credibility over time is to provide an E-course or a newsletter that will be sent to your subscriber’s E-mail over a period of days or weeks. It must be something educational – something that will spark interest and keep them paying attention.

You can configure your autoresponder to send an E-course once everyday, every two days or a weekly newsletter. So long as the subscriber reads your educational material over a period of time, you can slowly work your way into the heart of your subscriber and stamp a firm impression in their minds.

Good News! We Have Done The Work For You! 


Take Your Visitor Follow-Up To A New Level With The ChurchGrowBot Automatic Visitor Follow Up System!

The heart of this system is an 8 lesson eCourse called "The Eight Essentials Of Christian Living. One lesson is delivered each week to the first time visitors inbox. Each lesson will be "branded" on the top and bottom of the lesson. The top will display your church logo linked to your website or Facebook page. Immediately after the lesson the visitor will read a nice closing remark from the pastor inviting them to visit the church services again in the coming week.

Finally the church address, phone, email and complete services schedule will conclude each and every email. Eight weeks of automatically delivered follow-up emails to your your visitors. You do not have to send emails each week – the ChurchGrowBot does all the heavy lifting!

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