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That’s right! Every current member was once a first time visitor!

Significant resources and effort should be extended to this most important group of people. Helping visitors get connected and stay connected is a challenge yet one with great rewards.

Church growth experts advise an initial follow-up within 24 hrs of the visit.

Studies prove it usually takes at least 5 more follow-ups to get the prospect to take action. Who is going to send all those letters and emails or make those phone calls?

We all agree, follow-up is important and  we could be doing a better job.

The problem is how? 

How do you accomplish everything that needs to be done, consistently? How do you sustain an effective visitor follow-up system throughout the year.

Introducing … The ChurchGrowBot – An automated visitor follow-up system. This system was designed specifically designed to assist the local church with visitor follow-up. The heart of the system is an 8 week custom designed e-course the church offered to first time visitors free of charge.

However the possibilities of the ChurchGrowBot are endless. The state of the art scripting allows the user to build targeted email lists, compose and send emails on a scheduling system. The extensive tracking system will be a benefit to anyone using the ChurchGrowBot.

Who Can Use The ChurchGrowBot?

  • Local Churches
  • District And Sectional Offices
  • Musicians and Authors
  • Evangelists And Missionaries
  • Website Administrators

What Can You Use The ChurchGrowBot To Do?

  • Send Weekly Visitor Follow-Up E-Course
  • Send Weekly/Monthly Newsletters
  • Send An Email training Course
  • Send Video Updates Or Announcements

We believe the ChurchGrowBot is right for YOU! Completely automated and highly effective visitor follow-up is ready to go right now!

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