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church growbot, visitor followup

It seems like every week I speak with a pastor who is somewhat, if not entirely, frustrated with their churches’ visitor follow-up system.

Things may be fine for a while, however, they begin to drop off and for any number of reasons. Of course, using volunteer labor is a great blessing to the local church. At the same time, it can be more difficult to keep volunteers focused and faithful.

Some have even purchased expensive software, only to find out, while the capabilities are amazing, the upkeep and data entry into the new shiny software system is even more intensive.

Analysis paralysis, anyone?

After seeing this happen time and time again, I knew I had to do something to help the situation. Therefore, I developed an automatic visitor follow-up system called the “ChurchGrowBot”.

The ChurchGrowBot is an automatic visitor follow-up system utilizing automatic email technology. Now, before you think we are going to get lost in “techy” jargon, let me just say, “it’s simple”.

How would you like to have an eight to 12 week eCourse, branded with your church logo, church services schedule, a closing message from the pastor, and all your important links, such as social media and maps contact information?

I would like to introduce the ChurchGrowBot automatic visitor follow-up system.

So, here’s how it works.

     Step 1: Go to your visitor entry form, which will be setup for you. Enter the Visitor Name and Email, and then hit submit. The rest is completely automatic. The eight weeks or 12 weeks of emails, which is also set up for you, will be sent automatically.

     Step 2: Actually, there is no step 2! It’s as simple as step 1!

We will provide you with an eight or 12-week eCourse to offer to your visitors for FREE! The eCourse is already written and ready to go.

We will brand each lesson in the series with your church logo and other important information.

Watch a short explanation video – Click Here

View a graphic advertisement – Click Here

View a sample church visitor entry form – Click Here

See a sample email – Click Here

Take a look at the pricing plan available – Click Here