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Just as a business could not exist or grow without new customers a church will not grow without first time visitors. A thinking shift needs to take place. Visitors are far more than just an announcement and a hand clap somewhere in the church service.

When we consider the weighty matter of evangelism the visitor becomes a priority. These are the souls who will respond to the altar calls, repent of their sins, follow the Lord in water Baptism and be filled with His Spirit. These are the souls that will inspire us to preach the gospel each and every week.

Visitors are the best source of new Home Bible Studies. You may think of this as first stocking the pond then fishing the pond. Many times we will only have one chance to make an impression or win the visitors confidence. Every possible effort should be made to provide the visitors with a positive and uplifting experience.

  • Visitor should receive a warm greeting as soon as they enter the church building.
  • Remember … fresh breath, a warm smile and eye contact is very important
  • Always escort visitors who are asking directions – i.e. nursery, or sanctuary.
  • Help visitors find comfortable seating.
  • Be sure to ask them their name and tell them yours.
  • Connect with visitors after the service.

Thinking Ahead:

The number one goal concerning first time visitors should be to present the gospel of Jesus Christ. Perhaps you will never see this person again. Preaching the gospel is the single most important responsibility of the church. Second to this, concerning the visitors is to do everything possible to inspire them to come back. Unfortunately the old saying is true – “out of sight out of mind”.  

  • It is very important to get a “Visitor Registration” form filled out on every single visitor
  • A street address and phone number makes personal follow-up possible, however, these days, some folks are reluctant to provide this personal information.
  • At the very least try to get their name and email address.

Visitor Registration: (FULL Form– Conatins full address, phone numbers and many more options.

Visitor Registration: (Simple Form– This is all you need for the ChurchGrowbot!

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