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How To Add Rocket Fuel To Your Visitor Follow Program

It seems like every week I speak with a pastor who is somewhat, if not entirely, frustrated with their churches’ visitor follow-up system. Things may be fine for a while, however, they begin to drop off and for any number of reasons. Of course, using volunteer labor...
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First Time Visitors

Just as a business could not exist or grow without new customers a church will not grow without first time visitors. A thinking shift needs to take place. Visitors are far more than just an announcement and a hand clap somewhere in the church service. When we consider...
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Visitor FollowUp

How Many Visitors Come To Your Church Monthly? Find out how many visitors attended your services this past month, even this past year. Then find out how many stayed.
 For example: If you have 100 people currently attending on average, with 8 first time...
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Tracking Results

Stats, Stats And More Stats! Your ChurchGrowBot comes fully equipped with a high tech Dashboard displaying all the important statistics you need to evaluate the success of your automatic visitor follow-up program. Visual dials, graphs and gauges keep you in the...
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